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Store your memories in a timeline with place, time, photos & sounds!

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See, listen to & read about, what happen- ed in a certain place
at a certain time!
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Photos, sounds
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members compile the history of houses, streets & cities!
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Create your own time-o-rama with
your own stories, photos & sounds!

Describe your life to your friends, children
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Legally use 53,348 photos & sounds of other
participants to illustrate your own timeline!
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Legally use 53,348 photos & sounds by other participants for your timeline for free!
All photos & sounds are playfully combined to timelines of places.

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Everybody joins to
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Example: Someone took a photo of Karl-Marx-Strasse 11, Bautzen (Germany), in 2008:

How did this building look yesteryear? On time-o- you can see it, because someone else has a photo of 1964:

The more people join the better it will get for all. Do you have photos of now or then?

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